Tabor Adama Shiraz 2014

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The Tabor Adama Shiraz is aged in oak barrels for 12 months at the winery in the Galilee, Israel which helps create an interesting color almost like a dirty purple, it's not a clear wine. The wine has nice aromas which is very clean with good spice, peppery and cloves. The fruit is definitely there as it should be with an israeli shiraz, but bigger and heavier than a french shiraz. This Shiraz is overpowering with the fruit but the spice balances out the fruit with a good amount of chocolate and cedar smells to add to the aroma. Nice and full bodied, this wine has much more fruit in the mouth than on the nose, but it's a pretty balance. There may be just a little too much acid at the end but there are nice tannins which creates a fairly smooth wine considering the grape and alcohol level. The finish is fair and sits in the lower lip and cheeks. This is a very nice enjoyable wine.

Kosher Supervision: OK
Additional Supervision: Badatz Jerusalem